Mufaro Kabasa Makes Another Motocross Statement

MUFARO KABASA’S profile in local motocross continues to grow and last weekend the eight-year-old 50cc class rider got a podium finish at the Flat Track racing held at Donnybrook Park.

Kabasa, who has been hailed as the new Tanya Muzinda in motocross circles, finished third in a field that was predominantly male.

That finish was a huge improvement from the seventh position she attained at the Motocross Nationals a fortnight ago.

Kabasa who only began racing eight months ago has earned respect at Donnybrook as she competes against more superior male counterparts.

Her father and sponsor Kuda Kabasa sees a bright future for Mufaro.

“My hope is that she continues to work hard and possibly surpass what she is doing now. I am very proud of Mufaro, she is showing great determination and the sky can only be the limit for her,” said Kuda Kabasa.

Mufaro is a Grade Four student at Groombridge Primary in Harare.

Her skill is easy to notice hence she has been fast tracked from her rightful Pee Wee category to compete in the 50cc where she is excelling.

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