ZINA Refuses To Register RNL

THE Zimbabwe Netball Association (Zina) has refused to register the recently formed Rainbow Amateur Netball League (RNL) alleging that its formation violates Zina’s constitution.

Article 9.1 of the Zina constitution, however, provides for the registration of amateur netball leagues.

The article stipulates that members of Zina shall consist of affiliated associations such as Inter-banks, Naph, Nash, police, army and urban councils, provinces or organisations which may be approved or elected by the association on such meetings as the annual general meeting under terms and conditions as it sees fit.

“The admission of such additional bodies may only take place provided its constitution is approved by the council or its members are amateur,” reads the Zina constitution.

Such a meeting has been ordered by the Sports and Recreation Commission to enable it to determine the terms and conditions under which the RNL should operate.

However, Zina, through its lawyers Mbizo, Muchademana and Makoni legal practitioners, on May 4 wrote to RNL lawyers critiquing the RNL constitution.

“Our client has gone through your application and the following have been noted in your constitution. In your Article (1.2), you speak of league; ours advises that you can only be a single league. In the same article, the bulk of your roles conflict with a league and compete with Zina’s role, save for item (i) and (j). Yourselves have no jurisdiction to train and run courses to do with netball standards and administration. Zina communicates directly with its constituency; you have no right to be transmission agent of information. Umpires are qualified people, known and administered by Zina. Issues to do with eligibility and transfer of players are administrative roles of Zina. Yourselves must focus on the league only,” reads part of the letter.

However, an SRC board member said they might have to force Zina to register the new league as it was clear that they are deliberately taking their time while the girl child continues to suffer from no action on the courts.

RNL secured a sponsorship of $250 000 from Glow Petroleum compared to Zina which operates on a shoestring budget largely drawn from affiliation fees.



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