Bulawayo Duo For World Fitness Federation Pretoria Classic

TWO Bulawayo based female bodybuilders, Shantel Greenland and Selina Manuel leave the country on Wednesday to compete in the World Fitness Federation Pretoria Classic scheduled for the South African capital on Saturday.

Greenland and Manuel, both from Body Works Gym have been working hard as they gear up to compete for the first time in a WFF event.

Manuel, whose last competition was in October last year when she took part in the Ms Zimbabwe bikini fitness said she has been preparing for the trip to South Africa for six weeks. In terms of dieting and training, she feels she has done well.

“I have been preparing for about four to six weeks now, unfortunately that wasn’t the time gap I was aiming for and our competition is in four days in South Africa. Diet wise, I have been dieting for about five weeks now, training has been a lot more intense, that’s double sessions in the morning and evening as well and also just resting in between’’ Manuel said.

The 19-year old, who finished sixth in the junior bikini fitness at the Arnold Classic last year, is hoping to also make it to the top six in Pretoria.

“I just hope to place in the top six at least, it’s not an easy category I am going into which is the bikini model and I am just hoping to do my best,’’ she said.

Greenland indicated that she was really looking forward to the competition where she intends to compete in the women’s bikini. The 31-year old is targeting a top three finish at the event.

“I am going for the WFF Pretoria Classic which is the 12th of May so I’ve been preparing for that and looking forward to it. Women’s bikini is what I want to compete in but they will check our weight and height and catergorise. I am targeting top three, fingers crossed,’’ Greenland said.

She recently finished second in the women’s bikini at the Ms Zimbabwe International Trade Fair where Loreen Moyo, also from Body Works Gym finished on top.






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