Peterhouse, Chisipite Dominate Rowing Tourney

Peterhouse and Chisipite rowers dominated the winners list at the Prince Edward-sponsored Three Feathers Rowing Regatta, held on Sunday the 4th of February 2018 at the Zimbabwe National Rowing Centre at Mazowe Dam.

Peterhouse rowers won in the  Men’s A single scull and Men’s A double sculls races as well as the  Men’s A quadruple sculls race.

The story was the same in the Women’s A single sculls,  Women’s A double sculls event and in the Women’s quadruple sculls race, which were all won by Chisipite rowers.

There was very competitive racing across all the different Rowing Divisions. This was particularly so in the Men’s and Women’s’ A Division races rowed over the Olympic distance of 2,000 metres. In the Men’s A single scull race Kenneth Raynor of Peterhouse narrowly beat Darragh van Aswegan of Hunyani Rowing Club in a hotly contended race of eight rowers.

There was an even closer tussle for the finish line in the Men’s A double sculls race where Kenneth Raynor and Brendon Eggersglusz of Peterhouse inched over the finish line just in front of the second placed boat of Darragh van Aswegan and Stuart Duncan of Hunyani.

In the Men’s A quadruple sculls race the Peterhouse boat of Raynor, Cox, Eggersglusz and Rogers (coxed by Chavera) rowed smoothly and powerfully through choppy waters to beat the St George’s College boat crewed by Maonga, Chidawanyika, Heally and Temple (coxed by Tondlana).

Because there were 14 entries in the Women’s A single sculls event, this had to be raced in two heats, with Lorryn Bass of Chisipite just putting in the fastest time to beat Ciara Soper of Hunyani. Bass and Hinde of Chisipite put in a strong finish for a good win over Edwards and Evans of Peterhouse in the Women’s A double sculls event which had a strong field of 7 boats competing in this event. In the Women’s quadruple sculls race the Chisipite crew of Hinde, Bass, Duarte Simoes and Soper (coxed by Duarte Simoes jnr) beat the Arundel crew of Madziva, Ngwenya, Hendrickse, and Mudala Tadi (coxed by Dube).

There was a record of 319 entries for the Regatta, up on the 296 entries received for the Arundel School Regatta on 21st January 2018.

The entries included rowers from 8 years to 56 years of age, with rowers ranked in classifications of rowing experience starting with new rowers in the D Division through to top rowers in the A Division. The youngest rowers were twin brothers Edward and Peter Barrett (8 years old), the sons of one of the oldest rowers on the day being Robin Barrett (56).

There were a number of new crews competing in regattas for the first time, mainly in Form 1, and drawn from Arundel, Chisipite, St Georges and Peterhouse schools. The Regatta was rowed in windy conditions which made it difficult for the new rowers, but all the rowers managed well despite the difficult conditions.

John Satombo, of Prince Edward High School, which sponsored the Three Feathers Regatta and who presented the winners certificates, was very pleased with the success of the Regatta, the high quality of the racing and the large number of competitors and spectators who turned out for the event.

The Regatta was a good warm-up for the Zimbabwe National Rowing Regatta which will be held at Mazowe on Sunday 11th February 2018 and to which the Rowing Association of Zimbabwe invited spectators saying they were most welcome to attend.

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